Mateusz Pawelski, was born in Gołdap in 1988, based in Warsaw since 2007. Photography has been his passion since teenage years. At first, he followed well-know photographers and information about various cameras. Then he bought his first camera. It is how it all starts! Mateusz joined the Photography Academy in Warsaw, place where he has gained the expirience. After that he decided to change his hobby into work. Since that moment, Mateusz worked for Adidas, Caterpillar, H&M, Tissot, Chronos24 and Pascal. His work was published in Art&Buisiness, Warsawholic, Lifestyle, Glamour and InStyle. Right now he is focusing mainly on commercials, portraitist and fashion photos, lately wedding photography as well. Privately in love with cinema, documentary photography and coffee. Big fan of visual storytelling by Trent Parke, Joseph Koudelka and Todd Hido.